Code update:

This method has now been overloaded to support double (x,y) co-ordinates. Use this in the predator classes to check both a) coral b) other predators. This is subtly different in that it takes (x ,y), instead of (y,x), which is (row, col). The original only exists to allow for faster access to coral names.

Like wise this method has also been overloaded to support double (x,y) co-ordinates. Again, remember the fine distinction between (row, col) and (x,y). The original method only exists as a faster means of accessing corals, and might be removed if its not required. Note also the new function required the name of the organism being targeted to be passed as well.

A few small optimisations has been made to Ocean::LocateNearest, saving us _2_ sqrt() ! :-) You can only optimise the calculation of distances so far :P

Keep up the good work guys :D