Sorry! I have been neglecting this due to erm... various stuff, like work :)

Ruxcon is tomorrow, Aday and ProFX are sleeping over tomorrow night. Finally get to meet ProFX :D Boy are we going to have some fun :)

Work is surprisingly art-inducing. There are 2 more new vector pieces on my deviantART page. Check them out :)

Speaking of deviantART, sydneyDA meet went well :) I met Thoran on the way there, what conincidence! I sat in the right place, looked down at the right time, and cityrail had track maintenance on Thoran's line on the day. Afterwards Thoran and I trekked from Milson's point back towards Central to attend Sil's b'day bash, which was *also* fantastic. Had my first tequila shot, with lemon and salt :)

Oh, we met a guy giving away free hugs in the city :)

Any who, gotta run and watch Pay Check.

May your spirit ride always the thermals of life,