Engineer's approach to short-sightness

So, how do you retard the gradual degradation of your eyesight?

First you need to identify why is causing it. Thats simple, my constant focus on things closer then 6 meters: monitor, book, wall, picture, cat. This causes my eyeballs to deform due to muscles always deforming it to focus properly.

Then you need to propose how to fix it. To slow it down, I need to start focusing on things further away then 6 meters. Now every 30 minutes my trusty palm beeps at me, and I focus on the picture in the stairway, ~5 meters away from where I seat as I type. In addition, I have measured out a spot 6.5 meters away from my front fence, and will throw a tennis ball at a target, today an apc cdrom, with out the use of glasses. Speaking of which, on the 5th hit, the tennis ball shattered the apc cdrom. :-)

Lets see if these measures have any effects...

On to more mudane matters: The bane of my uni experience are 8am starts. I hate them, they hate me right back. I have 2 of them again this semster... joy >8(

Dropped astronomy (PHYS1500) this time around, I'll do it some other semester when I wouldn't end up with 30 hours in a week, giving me no time at all to socialise and work. Dropped Discreet Mathematics too, I really shouldn't change my first year subjects :)

Tomorrow uni starts, and I am going to have a 5 hour break between 9am and 2pm. Might see shrek2 by myself... but that seems a little... sad. Didn't get a chance to see it during the holidays, and I really don't want to miss out seeing it on the big screen!

Now for my continued saga on rescuing my linux-install: managed to get a working 2.4 kernel booting, but now I have to deal with a kernel panic.. its trying to mount ext2 for some reason! The trick was to boot into knoppix, then mounting root of the hd install with mount -o dev in order to have working devices. Once that was done, it was smooth sailing as far as fixing lilo was concerned.

One last thing, eden lost has been updated with new revision. Keep finding these tiny mistakes :P

Good will and peace,