eden lost

That little story (5259 words) have mine is responsible for my lack of updates! But its almost done now, so give it a read, and let me know of any bugs :D

Went over to atomic anth's internet cafe place (King Internet Epping) to setup the dual PII I sold him as a dedicated CS server. That was a rather educational experience :) Ran into Chris Gi, which was a pleasant surprise. Downloaded openbsd 3.5 off his 1.5mbit connection :D

If he had rebooted his modem as I told him to, I should be able to ssh into the box...

Any who, today I had a hair cut, now I am lighter, my head colder. I don't know what to think of it either... its... well... interesting :) Before that however I had my first piano lesson in some 3 years. Picked up a lot of things, mainly playing style and the subtleties of elegance and style. An enlightening experience.

Before any of that however, I had to work. Mother exchanged stories of post liberation China with the workers, stories of how 4 people and a child lived in a room 11meter squared, of units with out toliets or showers, of students fainting in class due to lack of food. All the suffering was brought up on them by the decisions of one man who had China's people on a leash: Mao Ze Dong. His insane attempt to make China top of the world through production of low quality steel drove the country to the knees.

Here is an example of how bad things were: father of three was beaten to death because he tried to steal a cabbage in hunger.

The saddest thing is the people of today still worship him as China's saviour.

Now to write the outline for the Eden lost's 3 sequels.