Catching up

Still trying to catch up with my online life after ruxcon :) So here is a quick summary to bring everything upto date:
ruxcon 2k4 ended last Sunday. It was absolutely fantastic! On the second day I managed to:
  • buy a ruxcon t-shirt. I thought they ran out!
  • participate in CTF and managed to crash .20's sshd :P
  • went in the THC trivia with profx, aday, zardoz and others, and won!
  • due to winning trivia, got myself a copy of Hacker's Delight.
  • got really familiar with knoppix-std

Productive no? :)

Ruxcon was an immensely educational experience, some memorable talks included:
  • hiding data in file system grey areas (FIST'ing any one?)
  • hybrid approach to network monitoring (PAPmap)
  • social engineering, with real life examples

Kudos to the ruxcon crew for organising such a fantastic event! They even subsidised the drinks at the end :D

For some unknown reason that strangely makes sense, I was more productive in the last week of 6 work days then I ever was. Pushed out 3 more deviations, all vectors, which I am coming to love. Its very *me* :)

It was only natural, the night after ruxcon I a program for reversing the virtual world hash austnet uses to protect its users. Nothing exciting, but it works :) I'll upload later tonight when I am finally happy with the code.

Thats more or less it, not very exciting is it :S Now to get back to this lava lamp I have agreed to do for ~beef... grr..