I, Robot

Not one to pimp movies in public like this, but I, Robot was a pretty decent story: good character development, fairly strong plot and good pace. There were some plot holes, but they are forgivable. The animation however was absolute TOPS. Robots actually felt like they were moving, and their postured changed visibly yet subtley as a human would. Sonny was a definite center point, very convincing and loving character. The rest of the cast played their parts well, and some of the concepts in it are pretty cool :). See it if you can't decide between King Arthur/Spiderman2/I,Robot.

After seeing I, Robot with John, we met up with a few old friends for bowling. While there I noticed one thing: no matter how fit/graceful some one looks, the truth is revealed when they bowl. Some people lose their balance, some walk up to the foul line holding the ball awakardly, the number of variations are just too many to list! Next time you go bowling, pay careful attension :) Personally I am rather terrible. I did managed to get above 110 for all my games, except my left handed one :)

Two quick game of air hockey followed, won both, the latter barely. Could have gone either way if the operators weren't do greedy and stopped the game at first to 7! A rematch has been called for :D

Still fleshing out the story for the Forgotten World series (first of which is Eden Lost)... more on that later :)