Its about time I introduce auto_ptr, my good friend and mentor. He taught me most of what I should know about coding, and online etiquettes. Being the talented and nice programmer he is, he wrote GPassport, a win32 library for C/C++ for connecting MSN services, and released it for the world to use, minus the source :)

A quick copy-n-paste from the site:

GPassport is a library for C, C++ developers for Microsoft Passport authentication. It is available in a DLL and thus can be used from other languages as long as the functions are exported (based on name) correctly. It is intended for developers of network client application looking to implement basic and secure passport authentication in their software, with little overhead or hassle.

While it still lacks documentation, it hardly takes any shine off this quality piece of work. Check it out if you are interested in writing your own MSN client :) A *nix version is under way, which would make it a real gem in the programming world.

Keep up the good work G