August 04, 2004

System design and invading Switzerland

Emma, victor, the current system design has been typed up. If I missed anything, or you want to make suggestions, just comment :)

On a related note, came across the following in slashdot, on why Switzerland is a hard country to invade:

Switzerland takes theis to the extreme, actually requiring all their households to have a government issued machine gun, which their citizens learn how to use during manditory military service.
Can some one confirm/deny?

Back to brainstorming.



  1. Hi Steve,
    I don't know about machine guns, but I'm pretty certain that the Swiss definately have mandatory military service.
    There was a guy in my Yr 12 German class from Switzerland.


  2. The bit about machine guns does sounds a little sux... doesn't it make it easy for crminals to get their hands on a high powered weapon?

    And some one has to clean and maintain it too, a whole slew of problems :P


  3. Yes its true: Males do a year-ish of compulsory military service and also keep the rifle and service uniform from their service period in thier house - Always ready for action (I wonder if they keep the pocket knive as well?). For women, service is voluntary.

    They are very serious about it, suprising few gun related murders as well. I like the idea but not a chance I would ever do military service, forced or not.

  4. Thanks for that mate :)

    Personally, I would. It would simply be part of duty and life, and instilled in you since childhood.

    And you get a gun too! :P

    The few gun related deaths is probably because every one knows how to use one :)

  5. well I for sure will never be called upon to do military service.

    "Shoot who?"
    "Those guys over there!"
    "Oh right, ok"
    "Not them! Over THERE*