Recursion: n, see recursion

I had a lot of stuff to write about... but all that has been pushed out of my head by something called recursive descent parser. That thing soft1902 is suppose to teach me about.

The thing is see, I just finnished writting mine. With c compatible syntax, type checking, arithematic, and object descent property retrival (I made that one up). So much for that ;-)

No doubt testing will turn up bugs, but for now, I am too happy, and lazy, to extensively test it. Other people can do it. For me, its like throwing a newly made piece of art against a wall to see just how much force is required to break it. Eventually, but only after I get bored with it :-)

For my team mates, the above is undoublty good news. Now we are, oh, 10 weeks ahead. XMLCore now has query functionality, and parses files, with access control, and the ability to make objects inside objects inside objects inside... you get the idea :)

Now, lets see if I can dredge up other stuff from the past few days....
  • Shrek2: love it, just as good as the first one. Puss in boots was of course the favorite
  • Theater Sports: saw in Thursday @ Manning house, absolute fantastic!
  • Glasses: eyes are getting worst :-( 650/750 in my left and right eyes respectively. ~360 for new glasses.
I had some insightful stuff to say, but whatever it might have been, writting that rdp has pushed it all out of my head... so the world will just have to be a better place for a while more :-)

Emma and victor, the url to the latest Earth package is linked in the title.