ibook, glasses, yet another rdp

Paid the $300 desposite for my ibook today, should have it in 2 weeks :D Mum came to campus and picked out a new frame for me... she HAD to pick the $300 dollar friends. Can't for the life of me see why they are $300. :-S

Finally wrote the proper recursive descent parser. Wrote it all in one hit, and compiled once at the end. And guess what? Besides a few superficial bugs, it works :-) All the test cases I have thrown against it didn't manage to break it. I'll read up on javascript a little tomorrow night, and see if I can put up a version people can try and break.

*yawn* Better sleep soon, might actually manage a whole night, and wake up in time, unlike on monday when I got up late, and ran to the station in less then 2 minutes (new record), then got on the train, and promptly suffered from lack of oxygen as my legs stopped pumping blood, and my heart took all the load. Almost blacked out. That was an interesting experience. The edge of my vision faded black, I lost perhaps 30% of my vision. Not doing that again anytime soon.