Keeping the pool clean

If you are the owner of a pool, and want to catch those inconsiderate people using it as a loo, try this little trick from atomic:
If you want to catch out people who piss in your pool, just add 5 ppm of phenolphthaleine into the water... it stays perfectly clear UNTIL someone lets one go - then the water around the culprit turns bright red!
Been a lazy evening, just relaxed and wrote/read documentation. Oh, here is a little gem for you. My good friend and team mate victor wrote this when our tutor requested "usage stories" from us ;)
After the tragic events of the 911 plane hijackings and the atrocious acts of terrorism that followed around the world, the United Nations unanimously agreed to the need of a super database that is able to keep track of all ships in the world both military and commercial. Its purpose is purely to provide instant access for the peace keepers of the world to detailed information on each and every vessel on the face of the planet and search for terrorist activities that may threaten world peace. This database and its hyper-sensitive information will only be accessible to a handful of secret international government agencies whose job is to search and destroy all active and inactive terrorist cells.