Well I have discovered java is not as perfect as it thinks it is. I create a window of width 750 and height 650. Then I create three panels inside it. Two of them are currently set at a height of 3000. They take up about a sixth of the frame each. Go figure.
Also, I would like to make a public complaint about BoxLayout and its power-drunk meddling with the sizes of my components. This despot must be deposed forthwith!
On the plus side, glue is the most wonderful component ever invented.
The GUI is well underway. So far I've done the main frame, functions for closing the program, and functions for getting data from the DataStore object and displaying it in a table. With a custom table model, created at the expense of much frustration on my part. But it's good now. :)

On a sadder note, my sincere sympathies go out to Jana Pittman. :( A tragic day for her.