Recount of previous night

After Emma left I had a long and interesting talk with James (H). I was also informed of my blood test results, and they are:

• wcc 2.9
• Hb 95
• Plt 39

Slept at half past midnight or so reading Fallen Dragon by Peter F Hamilton.

Time 8:44am

Nurse Lee is about to take my blood sample. If all goes well I can go home for a few hours. I will make sure to bring Out! for nurse Lee since she loves novels with lots of killing. Slightly disturbing actually, hehe.

Emma's mother will come visit today, hopefully our parents can meet. I do however wish it were in better circumstances.

Time 9:10am

Nurse Lee just took some blood, hopefully the numbers will be back soon and the doctor will let me go for a few hours. Nurse Lee and I found we have some common interests where books are concerned. I will try to find something at home she might find interesting and bring it back for her.

Time 10:56am

Blood test result came back:

• wcc 1.6
• Hb 94
• Plt 24

Day leave might not be an option now :-/ My platelet and wcc count is about half of what they were yesterday.

Time 11:54am

Doctor came and said while my platelets are low, as long as I am not bleeding or have a fever, I should be good to go. My liver is apparently working good again o.O

Dad bought some excellent food again to supplement my hospital diet. Apparently I can check out in about an hour and half, though I should be back at 6pm today. Hopefully I can spend some time at home packing, comforting Lili and get some gaming done :-)

Also be kind of interesting having my parents and Emma's mother meet :-P

Dad has reassured me the business is going well, and it will be well. I am rather relieved to hear Dad back in the game so to speak.

Time 3:10pm

I am home! :D :D As long as I go back before 8pm, the doctors won't be crossed with me :-)