Recount of last night

I didn't end up getting any platelets because I do have a reaction to them so the doctors thought it was best I didn't have to deal with all that at like 2am. They were right since I am still right rain.

So this makes 01.04.2006 Toby Free Day Number Two and Pain Free Day Number Three. Hopefully this will be Pain Free Day Number Four.

Started watching Battlestar Galatica too on recommendation from Chris. I like it so far.

Time 8:57am

Nurse Lee took some blood from me. 15mL too much actually :-) She also told me that platelets are precious these days. A while back when hospitals ordered platelets, every one gets 6 units. Now every one gets 4. Not enough people are donating blood these days.

Donate blood, keep an EE alive!

Though we are lucky in Australia at least blood is free. In Malaysia, you get given 1L of blood, your relatives have to give back a 1L of blood!

Time 8:12pm

Emma came to visit at 11am and stayed until just then. We had good talk and worked many things out. Mum came to visit with Dad along with some good home cooking at 6:00pm. They all left just then since visiting hours are over.

I was offered home leave today, but didn't take it since it would have only been 2 hours or so, and I will probably just gather more bruises! Toby is back too, they are pumping 100ml of water into me per hour to pre-hydrate me for chemotherapy tomorrow. I have to start keeping track of my fluid balance again too.

Other than that, today was an excellent :-) It was relaxing and stress free. Wonderful to spend time with Emma alone also. For now I think I will work on getting Linux on my iPod and watching more BattleStar Galatica. Too tired to do more BRL-CAD. That is also an excellent piece of software mind.

Oh, Toby is back. 100ml of salt water per hour. While this won't be Toby Free Day Number Three, it is Pain Free Day Number Four.

My blood stats for today:

• wcc 1.3
• Hb 90
• Plt 15