Pictures from 30.03.2006

A Nintendo DS from my friend David. Really good for taking with me when I go to different departments.

My book and DVD collection as it currently stands :-) Some of them are mine, some are from friends.

A view of my setup laid out on my bed :-) This is my geek life support which includes my laptop, pda, ipod ($13 1G nano, thanks apple!) and some games. Of course I have an internet connection, even if it only 56k.

This is my best friend. Everywhere I go, it goes. It stops working, I probably start dying. So I hope it keeps working :-)

It is an IV pump that makes sure my Hickman line stays open, I am getting the right dosage, etc.

Thats my Hickman line there. The top is entry wound, bottom is exit wound. In between is a "tunnel". My body will actually incorporate the tubing into my skin, so it will be securely anchored and has less chance of infection.

I will take more pictures in the morning, hopefully when I have good sun light :-)