Recount of previous night

I remember waking up with a cold sweat, remember my shirt soaked through. But the memory is hazy when I woke up for my blood test.

Time 12:09am

My blood was taken at 6am sharp through my Hickman line, after that I had a shower. After my shower my nose started bleeding, and it didn't stop again. One of my day nurses bought me some ice to put behind my neck, and I fell asleep holding tissues against my nose. I was worried because this should not be happening! I have platelets and clotting agents, I should be fine! Because of this my 8am andrology was cancelled.

At 10:20am, Nurse Leo came do collect my sperm sample in my ward. My nose has stop bleeding, but I have the symptoms of flu. After my sperm collection more platlets came. I was told more are on the way from the City, where they have to be irradiated to ensure it is pure.

My Dad and cousin Cecillia turned up at 11:00am, and Cecillia is here now, keeping my company, studying for one of her nursing assesment next Friday. Dad went back to work.

The social worker attached to Dr Trotman, Robin Baker, came to see me about doing the paper works like deferring for a year from University, and getting my parent's carer's allowance to enable them to recover some of the petrol costs.

Dr Trotman and Dr Allison came in just as Mrs Baker was leaving. She outlined my chemotherapy protocol. I was told the opening into which the Lumber Puncher will take place is 5mm radius, and the needle they will use is so thin it vibrates when held. This is rather encouraging news! They will administer some drugs too, just in case.

I also have a tissue sample taken by Wee Ching, to see if Red Cross can find a bone marrow donor, in case I need it.

Time 12:49pm

I have developed an allergic reaction to the first batch of platelets today, rashes have shown up all over my body. I have been giving some drugs to counter act it. This may make me drowsy.

Time 9:40pm

My Lumber Puncture took place today at 2:45pm or so, and finished at 3:15pm. It wasn't so bad except for the weird sensations, and some pressure related discomfort towards the end. They took 6ml of liquid, which is 1/5th of what is normally in there. They also put back 6ml of chemotherapy drugs just in case.

Emma came in just before the operation, and waited outside while Cecilia observed. She came back right after and stayed by my side. My Mum came eventually, and Cecilia left with Dad. Dad went home to cook some food for me.

Nothing much happened for the next 4 hours - on my back on doctor's orders. Passing water had to be done using bottles... and I am still getting use to them. As a result, first time I have wet my bed since I was 10, so to speak :P

Dinner arrived, the usual hospital fare, nothing too exciting. A bit of beef size of my palm that my mum cut up for me to eat, some orange juice, thats it really. Dad bought back some kick ass food, including chicken soap. I think this is the first filling meal I have had since Sunday night!

Every one has left now, I am about to watch unbreakable and call it a night. Tomorrow is the first day with out needles or tests, so I intend to make the most out of it!