Recount of earlier today

At about 9:00am today I had my Hickman's line dressing changed and blood sample taken. The wounds are healing up well, and the wounds on my back are also in good shape. Social worker Robin came to see me again, and I can probably get Carer's Allowance for my parents to cover the extra cost of transportation, as well as a little money for myself. Of course firstly I need to defer from University first.

Time 10:29am

Just finished watching Unbreakable which is a fantastic movie. Well directed, well written, superb. It is inspired me to watch the 6th Sense soon'ish.

My good friends John and Glen will visit later, along with Emma and possibly Victor who is bring in forms from University to fill out etc. I look forward to seeing them as it has been a long time.

I might also get a haircut today, but nothing is certain because I will need a transfusion of platelets before they can "risk" damaging my scalp which will cause blood to oozy from my skin. Haven't seen any of my doctors yet, but I have been told they are in a meeting.

Amusing recount from the previous day

At the start of my Lumber Puncture operation, my hip bones had to be located. This required Dr Allison to squeeze me around the stomach. As Emma can tell you, I am ticklish! I simply could not sit still enough for her to find it accurately enough! Eventually I had to do it myself.

I felt silly giggling like a little girl every time I am poked in my sides, but there you go :-)

Time 11:30am

Dad just came with some good home cooked food! Yum yum! I have been told more is on the way, and my camera will be here soon, so you can all take a peak at me and where I am staying :-) It also looks like I can get some social welfare for myself and my parents, which is good because we run our own business. Mum and Dad are trying to restructure our business so Mum can be home with me for a year, so every bit of assistance we can get will be good.

I feel really bad making my family go through this. It will place a great strain on Dad as he will be doing a lot more work, and it will severely impact up on the business too, which is my Dad's pride and joy. To me, the greatest discomfort stemming from leukemia isn't so much the physical stress, but what it does to the people around me and how it affects their lives. I tell them I am fine, they nod but deep down they are worried. I tell them to keep going as normal because I will be fine, they node but already making plans.

Hopefully things will settle down, and every one finds their rhythm again and go back to their lives with out always worrying about me - because I will be fine!

Time 12:56pm

Dr. Trotman and Dr. Allison came in to see me just then. My platelet count is 42, half as expected, probably due to my body using them up to heal my exclusive collection of burises, and the fact leukemia is preventing more platelets from being made. My red blood cell count is down to 82 from 120 when I checked in, so I will start to feel more tired as this progresses.

For the first 14 days of chemotherapy which starts next week, my blood cell production will basically halt. I will be sustained nearly completely on infusions of blood, platelets and antibiotics, since an infection is a given. After that my blood cell production should resume as normal.

So expect me to be fairly lax in my diary keeping starting Monday next week.

On the good side, I maybe given Saturday and Sunday day leaves this weekend, so I can pack a few things from home. I can also shave, brush my teeth and get a haircut since my platelet count is above 20 still. Best of all, I can eat anything as long as it is fresh and not contaminated since I have no immune system to speak of.

Caught Torias on MSN too for once, hopefully we can see him on #16 sometime for some old school L&B fun :D

Time 04:20pm

John and his Wife, good friends of my family, came and gave me an hair cut!! Emma got here about the same time too. So now I only have about 9mm of hair left as opposed to my normal down-to-my-neck length. It certainly makes the nurses' jobs easier :-)

They also bought me lots of cake too! Nurses say I am low on potassium, so I either eat banana or chocolate... I pick the latter :-P

Some cryopreciptate (Cryopreciptate: a concentrated form of plasma that contains factor VIII) is coming too, and I will get an infusion of those. Remember, donate blood!!!

On a funny note, my blood type is B Positive! Get it?! :-D

Time 08:13pm

John, Glen, and Victor came to visit. John bought a very lovely card from his family wishing my well, and his mother and sister will come visit some time too. l am deeply moved by the number of people who wish me well.

Victor bought me all Star Gate One and Atlantis episodes to-date, some 700 hours of continuos watching! He might also be able to record my Circuit Design lectures too, which would be fantastic.

Glen provided some excitement at one point by fainting (in his own words) "at seeing one of his best (and the first _ever_, in Australia) friends ill" He was however fine when he left, with a good blood pressure, and Victor will see to it he is delivered right into the loving hands of his parents. John left perhaps 15 minutes before Victor and Glen for Church.

Mum came in on the dot after work, and bought 2 more boxes of chocolate! These were however for free due to a mix up at the supermarkets, so win! :-D Poor Mother isn't sleeping well due to anxiety, but thankfully Dr Batemen has prescribed some medication to help her. She got Emma some dinner and left with her along with some of my dirty laundry and some unneeded equipment.

Today is the first day I didn't get poked at with needles. First day the whole day went by with out any pain actually. I think this is a good day, and declare it Pain Free Day Number One.

Now to surf the www and watch some DVDs.