August 19, 2006

Still good, still good

Getting some problems in my mouth, lips are peeling again, skin is cracking, but still good, still good...

Days kinda have a routine now. Wake up, eat, sleep, eat, go online, eat, play pool with uncle/friends, exercise some, go online, sleep.

Wonder how long I can keep that up. The side effects are just kicking in, so we will see.

Its still good, its still good... /Simpson


1 comment:

  1. Good to hear it all went well! Hope the side-effects don't get too severe - yell out whenever you get too bored and chances are I'll be at uni and can pop over :)

    Seriously considering this blogger idea of yours, as the crappy msn blog doesn't agree with my crappy old computer... anyway, we'll see... you and your fancy-pants XHTML standards stuff...