phps handlers

Cool trick to avoid making duplicates or symlinks to .php files in order for people to view your crappy php source. Also nice when your webhosting doesn't provide a handler for .phps. Go go more .htaccess fu and php'ness.

In summary place the following in a .php file somewhere, like viewsource.php or phpsrc.php:

  $file = preg_replace("/\\.phps$\", ".php", $_SERVER[\'PATH_TRANSLATED\']);
  $file = realpath($file);
  if (!file_exists($file)) {
   print("Error: No such file!!");
  } else {

Then add the following 2 lines to .htaccess:
AddType php-source .phps
Action php-source /viewsource.php
replace viewsource.php with your file name of choice, and viola!

For example, see the AAWC Formatter and its source.