Shorty Awards Audit Part 2: Exception or The Rule?

After discovering previously that @mercola had 64% valid votes (IMHO) where as @DrRachie had 88% valid votes, I wonder if this is an phenomenon is the same in other categories. In other words: is @mercola's valid vote percentage the exception or the rule?

To answer this question, I ran the audit script for 1st and 2nd placers in the #music category. Here is the breakdown for the current leader, @yelyahwilliams:

  • deleted accounts: 449 (13.98%)
  • accounts with 1 tweet: 21 (0.65%)
  • accounts with 2 tweets: 32 (1.00%)
  • other accounts: 2706 (84.27%)
  • total: 3211

There is a discrepancy of 3, from users BenFreemann, ovan10, and YannickBraun. 

Now for @ivetesangalo:

  • deleted accounts: 431 (9.07%)
  • accounts with 1 tweet: 30 (0.63%)
  • accounts with 2 tweet: 92 (1.94%)
  • other accounts: 4190 (88.21%)
  • total: 4750

There is a discrepancy of 7 from andreiaAMO, Brubruna, buguinhaBrito, Erica_nasciment, julianestephany, KEKELZITA, and pedro_PERWAH.

It would seem that @mercola's 64% is an exception not the rule. Granted, I only sampled 4 leaders. I suspect however that when I run the statistics for the leaders in #celebrity, I would see the same results: that the rule is for percentage of valid votes are 80% or higher.

I will update when the #celebrity audit is done. Note that I am auditing those categories where the leaders have vote counts in the thousands. This should reduce anomalies.