Introducing GeoNote AR (2.0)

Some of you might know I have been working on a little iPhone app called GeoNote (iTunes link). Its basic goal is to allow you to annotate the real world by allowing you to leave little messages (notes) which are "pinned" to real world locations. These little messages are visible to anyone running GeoNote.

Initially GeoNote had a rather unflattering interface: just a List View of notes. However as the iPhone SDK and the iPhone itself evolved, GeoNote also evolved. First it gained Map view, which was much more intuitive and useful, then with the iPhone 3GS and a bit of time on my hands, GeoNote gained Augmented Reality view:

Cool isn't it :D It is available in GeoNote 2.0, but only for people with iPhone 3GS. GeoNote will run on iPod touch and iPhone 3G, but AR will not be available.

The Augmented Reality View is activated by holding the phone up like you would to take a landscape picture, with the home button on the right. The colour scheme is customisable, since I haven't found a nice set of colours. It looks rather retro'ish with the default green colour scheme:

There are a lot of things that cane be done better, like a nice way to select notes, and more customisation for things like limiting distance, etc. But as they say, release early, release often :-)

For more on the app, visit: http://gtd.pictorii.com. It is rather nasty right now, I will work on that :)