30.05.2006 - what missing entries?

Always a believer in non-linear time... :P

Anyways, today was LP day down at radiology. The procedure itself was unpleasant but nothing compared to the reaction I got after. The whole hyper sensitive skin/raw nerve/muscle spasm thing kicked in and I was thrashing in my bed like a fish out of water barely able to breath.

They did offer me morphine at one stage down at the clinic, though I declined the offer. Neurology came down to see me and I finally had that hammer-to-the-knee test! Was kinda cool having all my reflexes tested. It was eventually decided that chemically the only difference between a normal LP and X-Ray assisted LP is that they add a contrast in to make sure they are "in the spot". So next time they are going to do it with out the contrast if they do it again and see if it helps. I sure hope it does because it is not a comfortable thing to go through again, and I got 4 more LPs in this cycle!

Looking forward to Thursday, my day off again. No idea what June will be like for me chemotherapy wise. But it says a 9 week cycle on my protocol, so probably more of the same. Then eventually, my bone marrow transplant I believe, something for which I have a meeting booked for this Friday to discuss the options etc.

The "Missing May Entries" will find their way here eventually, until then just ignore the jump in my diary entries :P