04.05.2006 - No drama day

Dr Daniel just came and got me to sign a form to check for HIV - they are systematically eliminating possible causes even though I am a registered blood donor.

Nurse Maryane is looking after me today and Dad is with me. My preliminary blood test results are back quickly today

Wcc 1.1
Hb 88
Plt 89

Its nice to see some out-patients who can come in themselves - they look vital and strong. I will be like them, not having to always have some one with me.

My hair is finally starting to fall out too. Delayed reaction to chemotherapy.


Getting second set of blood transfusion - only getting red blood cells, so I will perky today. Getting my injection of Ara-C soon. Hopefully then I can go home!


Got 2 panadole cause my temperature is up from the blood.


Edna is going to check my backside! Eeep! Strangely no one is worried about my ALT levels today... Also just had my last Dex! No more steriods!


My ALT levels are holding which is good. Time for my injection. Then Edna will check my backside to see if anything is wrong.


Edna examined my backside. She informed me I am keeping my backside very clean, and told me to be very careful now - my wcc is very low. Any infections will delay my chemotherapy, which is bad! Also told to cut down on my fluids because my salt levels are bit low. Just drink normally.

Once the blood finishes and Dr Daniel is happy I can go home. That will be good. Judging by the fact Dr Alice didn't drop by everyone is happy about my liver.


Take panadole with dinner if I need it. The red blood cells will make my temperature go high - not a fever.

Almost time to go home!


Home. Feeling all alert and stuff from extra red cells. Bah! Out-patient business ruins my entire meal plan - bleh at sandwiches. Now the dex is all gone I will be less hungry. Oh well it means I get to eat more food that I like.


Dr Daniel called, cut Gleevec down to 400mg until liver tests improve more.