Austnet Exposed - Update2

Hello dear readers, and welcome to another episode of AustnetExposed - what they got wrong this time!

The first thing of course, is the hideous shoutbox they have implemented. For some reason it's placed inside a frame and restricted to 200x300.

Secondly, there is this new sentence on their web page:
"READ THIS STEVE YOU JEW This file was converted from .doc to .html for size reasons and people not been able to open the .doc properly."
Now I take it that the "JEW" part is an insult, which makes these people lowly scum. The message itself says two things:
  1. These people are idiots, they don't know how to write HTML.
  2. Their friends are idiots, they don't know how to view .doc properly.
The next thing is the "new" information about me. Well, it's supposed to be about me, except they got it wrong. Again. These morons have now mistakenly identified two innocent people as me. First it was "stevie" and now it's "sl7". Neither of these poor souls are me, and to avoid further cases of mistaken identity, here is a clue to the austnetexposed gang:

I am not involved in Austnet management at all. Not ASD, not OPER, nothing. I am just a user.

My IRC handle should be obvious to the diligent reader. Though if the authors of austnetexposed fail again to pick it up I won't be surprised.

Now lets do a little dissection of the information they posted, and see how "1337" our friends at austnetexposed are:
Nickname: steve / SL7 / Raff
email: freespace@gmail.com / freespace@atomicscript.com
Well, the "steve" part is obvious, the email addresses are from my resume. As aforementioned, "SL7" and "Raff" are wrong.
Name: Steve B
Mobile # 0405 645 225 Location: 8 Cole Cr, Liberty Grove 2138, Sydney Australia
DOB 05/04/1985
Resume: www.AustnetExposed.com/steve.pdf
At least they can copy-n-paste from my resume properly. They thought so much of my resume they even mirrored it!
Associate: www.bulksms.com.au
This is just out of the blue. Whisky tango foxtrot. I cannot begin to understand how this occurred. One can only attribute it to the austnetexposed gang "pulling it out of their behind".
Home Box: si.homeunix.net - lets h4x0r...oh hacking is illegal so don.t!
Another accomplishment! Austnetexposed authors have again demonstrated their remarkable skills in copying-n-pasting information readily available. I encourage the curious reader to click on that link, and take a look at my summer project of 2005: emmap.
MSN: freespace@linuxfreemail.com
Leet WWW: http://freespace.atomicscript.com/
www: http://www.steveb.atomhosting.info
A little about our steve: http://www.blogger.com/profile/1994566
More information copy-n-pasted, well done! Here, have a star.
Fav Quote: .Removing stretch marks: If you have stretch marks you would like to remove, rubbing some vitamin E oil is the way to go. Cheers, Steve.
I feel the need to point out a few things about that:
  • It's not a quote, it's a piece of advice. It's not my "favourite", it's the authors of austnetexposed's favourite quote. One can only infer then they must find this information useful.
  • It's off my other blog, dailydiscovery, where I post useful things I learn in my daily life. I encourage the curious reader to visit.
Oh, I almost forgot this gem:
"Not that anyone cares as he is just another AustNET lacky. Well tell you what SL7. We think your worthy.worthy of been listed on this lovely article."
Let me get this right: no one cares, except the austnetexposed gang, who cared so much they updated their website? Normally I would laugh at such hypocrisy, but I am more scared that the same people are running an IRC network.

For users of ozzinet reading this, I ask you to consider the character of management as they exhibit themselves here and on austnetexposed. Can you really trust these people?

Now sadly, we come to the end of this episode of AustnetExposed - what they got wrong this time! Stay tuned for further updates.