August 14, 2005

Interesting observation

Interesting observation as pointed out in a comment:

Quote from a comment by storm:
When something happens, then bother with the posting. btw, im not iCER :)

Your all a bunch of tools and will get what you deserve. That goes for all...

Quote from #freebsd on ozzinet:
17:16] <@iCER> anyways i put an EOF there
[17:16] <@iCER> i wont be reading it again unless i relaly have to / care
[17:16] <@iCER> tell the fag to stop deleting posts
I have this feeling that iCER and st0rm are the same person, but I will let you draw your own conclusions.



  1. iCER got caught
    now he'll never get boned
    iCER got caught
    g.g. owned

  2. lol... tools.

    Once again if you think storm = iCER, thats fine. Boasting that you think someone is someone who it aint. thats fine too...but bragging that you think you found someone that noone cares....hahaha leet-o noobs. Big fuckin deal even if it was true. But its not ;)

  3. So you admit to nobody caring about you?

    It's true though... when we said, "st0rm is iCER" people went, "st0rm? iCER?"

    I guess attacking you would have greater impact if people cared about you, or knew who you were in the first place :)

    They probably haven't experienced the st0rm arriving... INTHEIRRECTUM.

    Go home to ozzinet st0rmiCER (and find that peen0r).

  4. as been said, icer is NOT stOrm. stOrm is a crew you stupid abo. Go back to sniffing petrol.

    People can 'attack' anyone they like. Read the freedom of speech act. It can be found on :)

    Ciao mr anonymous.

  5. A crew, sure sure... must be a crew that consists solely of iCER. :)

    Denial... it's a wonderful thing, iCER. I think your post is lacking an "EOF" at the end though. :)

    I guess mr. I'm-a-crew-now st0rm didn't understand. We agree we can attack anyone we want. :)

    We're only saying that when we attack you, the impact is lessened by the fact that not many care about you, or know who you are. ;)

    I guess your online presence is as widespread as that of ozzinet. Which seems a shame for someone who tries oh so hard for recognition.

    <insert application to join aforementioned crew here&gt: :

    I may be in violation of the I.Q. ceiling to < 10, but I am willing to partake in all initiation (i.e. taking the storm up teh butt!!!!1111one) rites.

  6. u fkn austnet jews all think iCER is stOrm iCEr is the 1 ddosing i no my ip is probably logged but like fuck i care this is a proxy anyway remebr a few months ago starhub.* got hit for a week solid yes i rember that it came form my botnet then i got bored and got a shitload of them into #bodyboarders on austnet where trekster seen me glined my aka lidder becuase of the bots in the chan oh also if i rember right ddosing starhub fkd alot of other shit up me nor icer is stOrm so fuckn leave it u jewcakes

  7. I won't even bother replying to the garbage you wrote. Why don't you calm down and learn how to communicate in English, then come back mmm?


  8. stevie remember when starhub got raped with packets.. and you all blamed iCER for fuck sake iCER doesnt DDOS I was the one behind it i dont ddos no more after you cunts got me raped by feds for spam. Emailcash did take legal action you cunts w0w 700 odd spambots its all fun. If i didnt get done sure i would be back to DDOS cyclone.* JAMES can DIE!!!! stevie you should really stop your bullshit. Oh fuck it why not just call you 0405 645 225 or come visit you at 8 Cole Cr in Sydney