August 09, 2005

AustNET Exposed: A regular and long-time user's response.


Most of you reading this have read AustNET Exposed. This is my response as a regular and long-time user.

Firstly, despite the legal smoke screen the author throws up, the article is clearly slander, as per statements like:

If they stop downloading animal porn then they might get the job done.

Secondly, despite the claim that the site is "used for educational / training purposes only." the article calls on the reader to sell and otherwise abuse personal information supplied on the opers. This is hypocrisy at its finest.

Aside from the self-righteous claims and pathetic attempt to legalise their fear mongering, the authors make it clear why they are banned with golden lines like:

"We dare you, not to remove the glines set on us. "

They preach that DDoS is bad and we shouldn't do it. Yet they make it crystal clear they are prepared to. Hypocrisy pours from this article like water from the sea.

These people express their dissatisfaction for AustNET's service by - wait for it - attacking the netwok. Thats logic for you. Granted, the coders may be ignoring the problems presented, but I fail to see how attacking the servers which host AustNET, or threatening the people who run it will do any good. It only serves to increase the distance between the two groups. These same people then go and get angry - self-righteously angry in fact - because of the fact they are no longer welcome on a network they attacked.

To that I say: good riddance.

I can't stand people who disrupt other people's lives for their own goals, however noble they may be. Good can not be served through evil because then evil is justified. For the same reason AustNET can not be improved by fear, intimidation, disruption, or deception. If the authors genuinely believe in bettering AustNET they should have opened active dialogue with the operators instead of disrupting AustNET's servers and threatening the people who run it.

People who I despise even more than the above are people who attack other people's work. The keyword here is attack not criticise. AustNET is maintained through the work of the operators. It's a not-for-profit network and organisation and like all such organisations, it has its foundation in passion. Passion for an idea, a way of life, a culture, and most importantly, passion for the users. To criticise is accepted and welcomed - this is how Little Things grow into Big Things. To attack is dishonorable and pathetic - no one is being forced to use AustNET, so why do they even bother? Why don't they move on to the millions of other networks like their favorite Because they haven't got a life, because they are so pathetic that they must make themselves feel better by ruining other people's fun and gain from it some small sense of power to cover their own insecurities.

I have met some of these people at ruxcon 2004. In real life they are no better. These are the punks of cyberspace, their acts the cyber equivalent of graffiti, defacement, deliberate damage. It's unfortunate then that the only way to stop them is through stricter control - just like in real life. The operators are our cyber police and like real world police, they must from time to time act with an iron fist to ensure peace.

To the operators of AustNET, I extend my gratitude and thanks. I cut my teeth on AustNET - it was the first IRC network I used. I have met great friends online, and these same people taught me things I would never have learned by myself at a young age of 15: networking, coding, philosophy, life. I learned to be humble, to be polite. I found people of like interest, people who are smarter, better, funnier; people who are willing to teach, learn. In short the people I met on IRC helped me to deal with people in real life, for despite the metaphysical avatar we adopt online, our true selves still shine through. Communities have risen from the initial chaos, friendships formed from tentative a/s/l's. All of this would not have been possible without the people behind AustNET and their passion.

So once again ladies and gentlemen, to the operators who keep it running: thank you.




  1. Over the past 10 years I have been IRCing I have made many good friends and had
    many great experiences, despite the regular occurrence of the annoyances of IRC(spam, script kiddies and self-righteous loons).

    There is no doubt in my mind that the operators are not only smart competent people, but also hard workers, and that such comments as "If they stop downloading animal porn then they might get the job done." are particularly harsh, derogatory and uncalled for.

    The whole purpose of "Austnet-got-exposed" is to try and create fear amongst the users and operators of AustNet. This while not happen, we have seen this before. We cannot and will not let them make our decisions for us.

    The Internets, especially chat networks, are not anonymous places anymore. We are a community and communities are not anonymous. So what they have found a bug in the software to allow them to find out the operators names and home pages. They have then used common search facilities to find out more, So what? They have found pictures of us, so what?

    We have something that they will never have, we have a community, we have our sub-communities and we can stand together.

    I for one will be backing the Operators, some of whom i have known for quite som
    e time. I will be backing the network, a network i have been a member of for quite some time.
    We owe it to ourselves, the relationships we have formed through this network and our operators to stand against such childish tactics.

    I am wizzy and I am backing Austnet.

  2. Finding pictures, addresses, etc. is all quite trivial. I've already found out who wrote it and where they live... Shame they live in another state to me so I can't whack them on the head with a clue-bat.

  3. Thats alright, some of them will turn up to ruxcon ;)

  4. hah, scared little boys....
    Stevie...because of this and your backstabbing, now your on my our hitlist. Thanks for posting a reply on austnet got exposed. on the next update, we shall try to include you too.

    Remember...if there is no austnet to go to, where will everyone go? of course. Im only saying this because im sure rogery will get sick of autsnet. Thats the only reason!

    Thanks for visiting wizzy. Keep spaming the link on austnet. Thanks. We love it.

    Anonymous... LOL @ finding out where we live. Please. Post a suburb. There is no chance of a slip up on our end. So brag all you want, but the REAL people know that you have no idea ;) And yes i will be at ruxcon and yes, you can come say hi with your bat if you really like. Im shaking in my boots. If you knew 'all there is to know' about me, you would know that its a useless idea.

    Just for you stevie here is a start:

    Name: Steven *
    Address: * Sydney, NSW

    You have to many enemies on austnet already. They helped to save me time :) If your lucky we might post it all and more on an updated austnet exposed. BTW. for all of you who havnt seen the post. And if it WAS illegal, we would all be behind bars or fined, or machines confiscated etc. Still normal operations if i do say so myself.

    how am i doing so far? lets keep going...

    These users look familiar....?

    are there any more?
    now which 3 have been accessed? when was userlog modified? maybe a something somewhere has been defaced and been privatley spammed? Maybe, but under what? Maybe you need to 'ls -lat' (why the t? 'man ls' jew) a few dirs :( Or maybe its too lade and you need to look in /usr/local/sbin for a special file which will give a special uid of 0. Maybe chkrootkit wont pick up BINDTTY? What port? Where is it? Is this even your special box?


    lets keep goin...
    wow, oper on cyclone...mm6...your playing with fire. Watch yourself because we hold no prisoners. platos / mm6 ... shall i go into depth? James. I would reconcider keeping stevie around. With posts like this, him and everyone around him will be blacklisted. Including hf/cyclone + anything else around.

    Think hiding to be opers is cool? ... why does that and * send to the same place...maybe and oper is hiding they should make public... enough about that though...

    Ive had my lameness fun and posted my thoughts, just like you did. Thanks for taking your time on making us famous in a lame way. We do not ddos btw. That is lame. :)

    thanks for your time and your response to austnet exposed. We really care, therefor we will add you for your troubles.

    - .: > s t O r m < :. -j #OzziNET

  5. Shu Ning Bian lol? chinks in the house...

  6. Steve,
    Sadly you have added to a sad little war between ozzinet and austnet. Thats all irc needs is people like you dragging out a silly little battle till it gets to the point where no one knows why it started. I have spoken to you and I know you don't have all the facts about what is going on. Ever thought you should hear both sides first as you aren't directly involved? I mean I can understand the childish behavior from Austnet opers and from the ozzinet opers, but you aren't even important enough to be one of them so maybe you should rethink statements like you have made here.
    From Gaby.
    Bow down and kiss my almighty feet!

  7. Let alone the fact that Steve/Stevie has addressed the matter in a very professional and detailed way, I think that his article about the austnet exposed website was excellent. He hasn't been adding to the fight as Gaby said since there is no fight between AustNet and Ozzienet. There can be no fight since Ozzienet will never be what AustNet is today, a place where users can come to and still chat safely and enjoy themselves. AustNet isn't a warez network and will never be, even if st0rm would like that to be the case.
    Posting our details, pictures and maps to our homes isn't going to change anything. It will not discourage AustNet staff to keep those bans and to make sure they keep the network scum free.
    They're doing a good job and they will keep doing it as long as they have to as to ensure that the users enjoy our services.

    Thanks for that post Steve.

  8. hi idil! hows the oline? oh thats right... :) one down...? still much love. A better photo of you would be appreciated. Feel free to send it to the proper people :) And just to put in retrspective...there is no 'war'. We just have an alternative network for users. How is it war? Show me where there is a war? A war is when 2 teams fight...all i see is one way traffic. do you dare step up the plate idil? Go away and stick to your weblog before you sink yourself into a bigger hole. You never said hi back to us on your weblog. I was hurt. Childish power-abusive people, bring out the childish ./ of people with the skills. As it was quoted in austnet exposed. Power is not about ./ , power is knowledge. You opers have no idea. You begin your lives on austnet 'wow look at me im leet-o kool krad. i know all. i can do anything' ... anyways whatever, when there is a war, tell us. We need to be ready for the FEDs like you all have 'reported us' so many times and we have gone to jail so many times. Stevie...ill leave now, but have one thing on your mind. What would happened if cyclone was pulled...? Reasons unknown. they have leeto foonet ddos filtering so it cant be dossed! Claimed 13gigEs. If it was to be dossed, i would say it must be very powerful. Lucky for platos (hi jew still much love :D ) its impossible to drop right? So obviosuly we dont ddos :) So stop thinking we do! Ever thought of a mole oper? Who allows certian someone on the box to look for things? Course not...Hi kevin!
    idil, still much <3. Now shoo

  9. by the way. Why are we making posts? I aint complaining. The more the merrier for us. Low key spam is fully kool! is getting attention i see...Admins are not corrupt and /gline trigger happy ;) You all have no idea but feel free to speculate. And yes idil, you still have a bigger penis then me. IRC without lameness / immaturaty is lame and not fun. At least i try put smiles on peoples faces at ALL times. Just wait till i post your pic stevie. People will be smiling all day :D Feel free to send me a better one ;) Or maybe i wont post you in the next update...we shall see how we feel about you and your antics

    w00t ciao :D 5:45am! Clubs were mad. Hi cam :D Austnet rules! haha (personal joke tonight)

  10. Idil,
    I'm on neither side of the war, I abuse both sides equally because you are both upsetting the poor innocent users who aren't doing anything wrong. Austnet knew what would happen if they glined certain people, there were going to be packets and the spilts everyday are proof of that. But not everyone who has been glined has done that which only provokes the situation. Glining people for being on a network so they may speak to people is just plain childish. Not only have the glines become petty, but Austnet opers don't even have the nerve to name themselves in the gline. (Banned from AustNet: since you like to affiliate with lamers and their network, you are not welcome here.) and ((G) Banned from AustNet: seen as you like icer so much stay there .....) are glines innocent users are getting on austnet for talking to icer, talon and the many other users who have been glined. For no other reason and the people do it without the guts to own up it was them. Innocent users have also emailed and with no response multiply times. Neither side may like to think it is war, but it is becoming one.

  11. LOL

    /me claps !

    Austnet Staff instead of wasting your time time posting on blogs why dont you fix your
    1) ircd's
    2) webpage

    You cunts crack me up ROFL

    Storm Keep up the good work
    we love it :)

    Talon aka Crusher

  12. @storm - only things about me you got right are what I put on my resume. Nice work.

    You are not as powerful or well connected as you might think.

    Here is where you are wrong:

    1. I am not an irc op on any network.

    2. those users don't look familiar at all.

    3. is a free hosting account from ausgamers, feel free to incur their fury.

    4. both emails are wrong. Are you so incompetent you can't even read my resume and get the right email address? Guess so

    5. msn is wrong

    A lot of criminals aren't behind bars, it doesn't mean they are innocent, it just means they have to be caught. Oh, and you just threatened me online, well done. Keep up the professional work you thug.

    @Gaby - we have spoken? pm me some time then :-) I need to refresh my memory.

    Though its true I don't know the full story, but that's hardly the point of this post. The oppers don't deserve to get publicly attacked, nor have their details published, or to have been accused of looking at animal porn, or be the subject of slander and violent propaganda. This article is specifically to address those points, not whether or not austnet oppers were in the right or wrong. Frankly, ozzinet's oppers behaviour is not better.

    @idil - you are welcome :-)

    @talon - nothing to say really. Grow up? Don't do drugs? Meh, better you take yourself out of the gene pool.

    @wizzy - :-D

  13. At 7:36 PM, steve said...
    This post has been removed by the author.

    mwaahahahaha classic took you half an hour to think up something better ??

    If thats the best you can do steve (attack me over drugs) i pitty you :)

    You poor sad little man

    Double grinz all round :) :)


  14. If I were you talon, I would save some of the pity for myself.

    Took me 30 minutes yes, because I have this thing called a "life" which tends to interrupt. But hey, what do you care.

    Attack you over drugs? You obviously missed the point. I didn't attack you so much as dismiss you, but I guess that was a little subtle.

    So here is it:

    Talon, I don't give a shit about you.



  15. platos platos platos.

    —› dns: =
    —› dns: =
    —› dns: = .

    "The new server app "cyclone" was put forward by none other than a script kiddy well known to the network admins - let's call him Maxxy. This kiddy was removed from his netpriest position because he was considered powerhungry and because he was threatening people with his so-called services dept power. Seems that FM has decided that those qualities will see him fit right in there as a network admin."

    Don't worry James, we still love you babe. <3

  16. yes yes stevie. we just wait till the next post :) much love. I now feel sorry for james ;( See you all with your bats at ruxcon. ill just come alone like a dweeb. ciao! :)

  17. I feel sorry for james too. Who the hell is james, and what has he done?

    Waiting for next post iCER, I mean st0rm. ;-)

  18. Hi,

    I am just an ordinary user of both austnet and ozinet, and I must say the antics I have seen over the last month disappoints me. I know IRC means a lot to quite a few ppl and I dont want to step on anyones hard held joys, but I think this whole matter has become a farce.

    I have seen uncivilized behavior on both networks. I dont think I would recommend anyone join either atm. most ppl I have met on both networks are there to enjoy the convesations of like minded individuals. But seem to get grief from those who are supposed to be running the service for them, not themselves.

    Sigh, I like people on both networks and would like to see both networks flurish, but this sort of public slanging match does nothing but turn people off.

    Civilized responses to questions to opers and admins is all most users on either network want. But I have seen little of that from either network. True some have been kind and considerate but angst and rudness seems to be prevelant everywhere these days. And people wonder why society is crumbling.

    I know most of the people involved in this current situation are young and have strong ideals and love the work they do, but is there a need to resort to name calling and petty hacking pranks? It reminds me so much of how my two kids behave, and they are 7 and 10.

    I feel (as just a user) that both networks need to re-evaluate why they are running the networks. They started as a way to meet poeple and provide a service. If they have just become play things of those who run them then neither will survive.

    Common curtesy and understanding go a hell of a long way in making friends. Conatant abuse and lack of compassion just drive people away.

    As opers and admins you do what you do because you love doing it. You cant if your own actions drive people off.

    Sigh.. I am old and I doubt any of this will actually make any difference. But i thought I would post to let you know what the users of these networks think of whats going on. I am sure I speak for at least some of the non-op/admins on both networks.

    I just hope some of those invloved will take note and try to become friendly and more sensible when dealing with those who want to use the services they so kindly provide.

    Be Well please.

    Rnadall Crook

    PS: and yes I will provide my address phone number and photo to any who asks nicely and has valid reason to have them.

  19. I am really interested that everyone views the Ops on Ozzinet as less abusive of their power.

    Yes i will stand behind my mates at Austnet and yes i do not know the full story, but this i know.

    I talked to Talon aka. crusher one evening after i had posted my earlier post and was banned from #freebsd by him(on austnet). I was willing to hear what he said.

    A day later i joined the Ozzinet network and once they actually figured out who i was where really quite abusive and glined me although i had not really done anything to provoke it. Except try to find out more facts.

    To those who think Ozzinet will be any different, i doubt it very much from experience.

    What was written in the "Austnet Exposed" document was quite lowly and immature. I would have prefered a much more mature way to approach the situation. Which i was trying to acheive by listening to talon and his opinons.

    Everyone in power positions tends to abuse them.

    I would like to take this moment to tank Gaby aswell for listening to my plight anyways.

  20. Yes Sarazar
    I see where you are coming from :/
    Thank you for your insite.

    Wizzy :) I tried to explain the situation to you not once no not twice but three times you had no interest in listening then or later on ozzinet.

    You did not recieve a Gline (LOL) from ozzinet you were deemed to be abusive and you recieved a temp Kline This Expires In
    One Hour If you think the ban was unfair you could have emailed ozzinet staff to discuss this ban and the reasons behind it, i think we both know you were only there to stir up shit which was obviously your intention earlier in #freebsd on austnet. I dont go around spamming ozzinet
    on austnet or the austnet-exposed doc so i cant see the reason why you would spam this URL in channels on austnet (channels you dont even have access in btw)

    The reason people view ozzinet opers as less abusive, :) well lets just say the proof is in the pudding, ozzinet was created to give users that have been exiled from austnet for no good reason a second chance to chat to there irc pals in relative piece and security.
    Ozzinet does not spy on its users as does austnet Ozzinet Does Not Care what its clients talk about, unlike austnet.
    Ozzinet Is Stable And Secure also unlike austnet.

    Steve Suck My Cock And Like It You Pathetic Austnet Puppet :)

    Conez To Smoke Now !!

    Will chat more to you delightfull people later


    PS: Sarazar. I am Also Old LOL but I do enjoy my irc childishness.

  21. Talon is crusher, I am wizzy the one who had no interest in listening.

    17:40 crusher> i have to get my kids from daycare now but im keen to continue t
    his chat
    17:40 wizzy> I have to meet my father for dinner.
    17:40 wizzy> But will be back at 20.30 i too am keen to learn more.
    17:40 crusher> im sure i can fill you in on the recent austnet exploits
    17:40 wizzy> I would be grateful.
    17:40 wizzy> Cya then
    17:40 crusher> gone*

  22. Christ talon, use a spell checker, it makes your inane ramblings a little easier to understand.

    That goes for st0rm too.

    It doesn't matter how great and noble ozzinet is meant to be, not with a beginning like this and people like you. Its as good as its founders, and frankly, you guys are lacking in the maturity department.

    By the way, would be the number one choice for migration if AustNET ever goes down. ozzinet is nothing but a side note and I doubt it will ever be anything more.

  23. From
    "and we are DEFINATELY all aware of"

    "The st0rm" that has arrived should depart and head back to the high school he dropped out from, and complete English 101...

    DEFINATELY indeed.

  24. Whatever claims you try to make about ozzinet's purpose, all I've picked up so far is that a new network was created because some kids didn't get their way with implementing some changes.

    Which is fair enough.

    Kudos to whichever of you thought that some abusive libel would set a good example. "oh yes, we'll get all the cool people if we make ourselves look like social retards"

    Nice way to attract new users of your network. The abusive threats were a great touch - they in no way made it look like some people were degrading the quality of service offered by Austnet, just to get some new members to their own networks.



    Classy++, guys.

  25. Deary Me :)

    Sorry for any blinding spelling mistakes in my previous posts.

    This blog is getting boring,
    but such is life

    I invite you to talk live on irc. #abuse

    I look forward to seeing you there.

    Best Regards

  26. Steve,
    You're showing your ignorance again.
    Saying a network is only as good as it's founders then I can't say much for Austnet in that respect. Austnet founders don't even grace us with their presense. When is the last time rogery or ryan showed their faces. Are they even aware of what is going on at the moment with their network? No I doubt they do, I also doubt they care. So if a network is as good as their founders then Austnet doesn't care. It is all well and good to say opers do the best they can and they do it for nothing but that isn't true. Most opers aren't on line and active enough to be considered doing a decent job these days. They put themselves in the spotlight to be criticized. We live in a society that likes to see faous people fall on their arses and the oers are irc's version of famous people. If they don't like what is said about them and what people find out about them then they should never of taken the job in the first place.

  27. Granted, the AustNET founders may lack interest now, but such is life. The question is when they started, did they do it with good intentions? Did they start off by abusing other people?

    I would wager not.

    Perhaps I muddled my own words, what I meant to say is that the beginning of any enterprise - no matter how noble its goals or lofty its ideals - can not start off with a footing that ozzinet has.

    Oppers chose their job despite the spotlight - for good or ill - because they wanted to. If like they were like you, then yes, they won't have taken the job. Thankfully most people have more guts.

  28. I think we're seeing the new breed of script-kiddies...

    "much <3".

  29. well fuck me, took me 5 hours to read the last 20 posts but finally...god. lol

    Anyways. Ima close up the post.

    [00:08] iNope> ay you around?
    iNope is * iNode
    iNope on #OzziNET
    iNope using Always use a backup
    iNope End of /WHOIS list.
    [00:08] iNope> i just got showed this shit at now
    [00:09] iNope> so you dont make a fool of yourself.. its not me buddy
    [00:09] iNope> dont know what made u think it was.. i only just saw it today
    [00:10] iNope> neways.. came on to let ya know
    [00:10] iNope> cya later mate
    iNope No such nick/channel
    iNope End of /WHOIS list.

    someone posted this to me in a channel :)

    If its not you then stevie, then you have nothign to worrie about. If it is, then your just scared or trying to pretend nothign has happened. If you really are stevie and name is that chink name listed above and so forth, then, bad luck :)

    Now why go delete my posts?

    Name: Shu Ning Bian
    Address: 8 Cole Cr, Liberty Grove 2138, Sydney Australia
    Telephone: +61 0405 645 225
    DOB: 05/04/85

    Just leave them there. <-- Now is this you on the left? Or some other nip wanna be. Nothing against your friends :)

    With all the fuss you all are kicking up. Stop it. Nothing is wrong. Nothing has happened. All i see is austnet and ozzinet. 2 networks up. big deal. Why is there such a fuss?

    When something happens, then bother with the posting. btw, im not iCER :)

    Your all a bunch of tools and will get what you deserve. That goes for all...


  30. OHNOES!!!111one you were able to lookup and address given a full name!

    What does that mean? Nothing... :P
    I doubt you little nerds could do anything.

    I could be wrong... in which case someone should warn the guy at that address that a bunch of e-thugs are going to DDoS his house.

  31. Storm,

    I only deleted my posts and one of wizzy's on his request. All of your posts are intact. Freedom of speech and all.

    I am not making a fuss over ozzinet vs austnet, frankly I don't care about the competition between the two. What I don't like is an article like austnet-exposed. This article is a counter point to it. That's what happened - a counter point of view and criticism for the tactics employed against AustNET's oppers.

    The only people making a fuss here are you and your friends, the ones with the threats, mistaken identities and so forth.

    Go back to running your irc network, and good luck with it. Thank you for using a spell checker too :)


  32. But the irony... they don't like Austnet so they make a webpage showing their dislike (and more).

    Someone doesn't like their [retarded] webpage, and makes an intelligent blog entry about his distaste for it... and they can't handle it?

    Whoa... tissue? ATTENTION LOSERS OF TEH INTARWEB: learn to take what you dish out.

  33. I wish I was as cool as you, storm.

    You have to resort to racial jibes? Got insecurity issues?

    You have to post someone's address as given by a /whois? Oh yes, you're not kicking up a fuss.

    You're not making threats.

    You just have a small penis and need to compensate with your e-peen :(

    There there. We're all here for you.

    PS. Have fun thinking Steve is Stevie. Nothing better than laughing at the expense of someone who thinks they know it all :)

  34. Oh yeah...

    "When something happens, then bother with the posting. btw, im not iCER :)"

    Juxtaposed with...

    [17:13] <iCER> ok
    [17:13] <iCER> finally read and replied
    [17:13] <iCER> i cbf with that weblog anymore
    [17:14] <iCER> when phase 3 kciks in
    [17:14] <iCER> thne ill have another lookies
    [17:14] <Talon> thats why i invited them online the whole blog crap was shitting me
    [17:16] <iCER> anyways i put an EOF there

    Thank heaven for your marketing team... "no lying cowards here..."

  35. By the by, great copy-and-paste skills storm. Next time, just redirect people to my resume :)

  36. Wow. ppl need to chill a little.

  37. ffs....
    lifes too short....

    theres a saying... involves the following words.. try and figure it out..

    life get a

  38. The other anonymous,

    That post ought to be made on the Austnet-Got-Exposed site. But oh wait, you can't comment on that site. Why? Because a bunch of packet-hippies that have an opinion don't want to let anyone else have one.

    Plus anyone who did post such an opinion would become a target for the 1337 address-hunting possums. I'm hope they're targetting me - and soon TEH STORM WILL ARRIVE (TM) at my door. I should save us some time and drop my trousers now.

  39. I have asked them to let me know my address and some details, but they cant seem to or "Dont want to".

    I guess i will never make it home then, I myself have forgotten where i live or just dont want to go there?

  40. how amuzing..

    nice set of comments here :)

    thanks for the morning entertainment!

  41. I was just reading the posts, half the shit doesn't even relate to what wizzy said in the 1st post. Half of you dogs are probably wankers who sit at home with no life on the computer 24/7 wandering why you can't find any pussy and think about prostitutes as your last option.

    I however had wasted my last 1hour reading about most of the posts on this page and slapped my self for it. Also to mention that e-thugs such as the other Anonymous getting a clue bat and whacking people with it are dickheads who come up with sayings such as "Clue-bat".

    Well ive made my point.....
    wanna email me?
    post me at

  42. Dam too ages to read thru all of it..

    But in the end, no server will be like austnet has turned into.

    Lets see what the next few months of this war between austnet and ozzinet turn into..

    After reading over most of Stevies post i noticed something different from the ddos kiddy, to now sort of a suck up to austnet opers?
    Dam dood wonder if youll become the next oper, your on your way up in the world congrats.

    Ah well hope both servers can end this war and just have some fun, its mIRC dammit not life. Have some fun!

    And since everybody is commenting on austnet id have to say Get some coders to fix up the amount of problems on the server.

    And ozzinet nice website dood, Altho i can see its still under construction looks awesome :)

  43. Sucking up to the OPers ey. You really think thats what he is trying to do. You have some misguided ideas in that case.

    Its also IRC time. I would suggest that atleast half of the people that have posted here are using some other IRC client.

  44. I was going to reply, then I saw IRC referred to as "mIRC", and decided to just point out the following:

    1) mIRC is an IRC client, its not IRC

    2) IRC is Internet Relay Chat, its a protocol, not a windows program. For more details see


  45. "Detrax said: Dam too ages to read thru all of it.."

    I guess the list of abilities stops at reading, and falls just short of comprehension... not surprising it took ages (did you commence ten hours ago?)

    "Detrax said: And ozzinet nice website dood"

    ROFLCOPTERS AND LOLLERSKATES DETRAX! That sure doesn't look like sucking up to Ozzinet opers to me.

    But yeah, I agree... using the existing WordPress CMS with slight modification and no change from the default theme makes for a good website indeed.

    I kid, I kid... I know by "awesome" you weren't talking about the backend or the layout... you were talking about the content. (all 5 comments worth of it)

    Good thing you don't suck up/love teh proverbial cawk like those you accuse...

  46. Suck up, how so...

    I dont use ozzinet, and yes that is a good website.

    I dont see why everything i typed you had to disagree on.. Maybe your just a boring kid who has to follow everybody else.

    If i like something ill say, yes i chat on austnet, yes i hate the austnet site, no i dont hate all the opers.

    So because i like another website, doesnt mean i dont like austnet asmuch as the next person :)

    Also quit the Anonymous crap, theres nobody to be afraid of here. Unless you dont want to loose your rep?

  47. How so? That you think it's a good website? :)

    Who said that you liking Ozzinet's "awesome" site (which is effectively nothing more than WordPress, and nothing great content-wise) has anything to do with you liking (or not liking) Austnet? Oh wait: nobody? :P

    GG inferences-r-ur-friend ... but only if you make intelligent ones.

    go-back-to"mIRC"-landz kekeke.

  48. Your more of the "mirc" lands, person... Look at ya using anonymous.. 2 times now mate.

    And the comments on the site, do you own a website? to prove that its so shit you need something better.

    Its sad-fucks like turn interesting conversation into just pure load of bullshit.

    Get a life wanker..

    I hope you reply with something said in this reply.

  49. "Look at ya using anonymous.. 2 times now mate." said a person using anonymous?

    It's called TEH INTARWEB l0ser :)

    It's a hotbed of anonymity and non-disclosure. Or did your mommy name you "detrax"?

    But to stop your whining, I'll pick a different string to "Anonymous"... how's this?


    "to prove that its so shit you need something better" <- there's the retarded comprehension and inferences letting you down again.

    Go back to the first post and tell me where anything besides the following was made explicit: "you appear to be sucking up because you think modifying a few wordpress pages makes a good website".


    Again, you exhibit a comprehension deficit.
    A) You don't understand the reasons why the website was nothing special
    B) You're of the opinion that modifying a few WordPress pages (with not much else constitutes, and scarce content) a good website


    While we're on the subject of replying to something said in replies, I notice you've conveniently omitted responding to:

    "Who said that you liking Ozzinet's "awesome" site (which is effectively nothing more than WordPress, and nothing great content-wise) has anything to do with you liking (or not liking) Austnet? Oh wait: nobody? :P"

    I sure hope you reply to this one... perhaps throw in something about Austnet, which wasn't even mentioned, AGAIN.


    Also, it's "you're" not "your"... and uh, "it's" not "its" there. You and st0rm should sit next to each other in English 101.

    As for a life, I think I'll start by emulating yours...


    Much <3 and all that jazz.

  50. detrax_loves_teh_storms_cawk:

    Slow down, he'll take ages to read through all of that. Expect a reply by next week.

  51. lol, yep, sure. keep sucking cock mate..

    'It's called TEH INTARWEB l0ser :)'

    Its spelt 'The Internet Loser' mayb you start up Learning to spell 101..

    Look at yourself picking out all spelling mistakes heesdas a dffsd erfsdfs few sdgfsdfs for fsd fs ya dafsdf hope gsdfgsdf you asfasdad like d fsdfsd them dfsd you f fdsfsdf fucking sdfsdf cock dasfdf sucker.

    Have fun boring kunt :)

  52. I see that the concept of irony and satire are lost on detrax.

    Some one needs to learn some comprehension skills.


  53. Detrax: "Its spelt 'The Internet Loser' mayb you start up Learning to spell 101.."

    - maybe
    - loser (small 'l')
    - It's
    - maybe you should start up...
    - unnecessary and misplaced ellipsis
    - Learning to Spell 101 (all important words in titles should be capitalised)
    - Maybe (sentences must start with capital letters)
    - No full stop after loser
    - internet (common usage regards this as not a proper noun - it does not require a capital letter)
    - the internet (this does not being a new sentence; it does not require capitalisation)

    People in glass houses...

    Anyway, the moral of the story is, make sure you have better English skills than the person you criticise. The newly-named detrax_loves_teh... is clearly a better writer than you. Please stop mangling the language - or if you are incapble of that, at least do not criticise others for your own faults.

    As to the content of what you're saying - if I have interpreted it correctly through the miasma of atrocious linguistics - you're being hypocritical and not making a lot of sense. Maybe proof-read your comments. Then at least you might know what you're talking about, though I still doubt anyone else will.

  54. we own you all ;x

  55. His posts are getting more constructive by the minute... :)

    Poor poor st0rm, perpetually in transit. Always in the process of arriving, never actually getting there.

    Much <3

  56. Im a cock sucking faggot :D

  57. "m said...
    Im a cock sucking faggot :D"

    Detrax, that you?

    I always suspected, but you can be open with us, no need to impersonate other people.

    Come out of the closet, you know you want to. We are all open minded here.


  58. Word to the wise, detrax, or whoever that was:

    I'm female. Either I suck cock, or I'm gay, but not both. Get your facts straight, please.

  59. Guess the IQ of the poster can't be disguised...

    There there, detrax... you now have something in common with your Ozzinet heroes: you've both been caught out pretending to be someone you're not.

    Much <3 to the st0rm-iCERs and detraxs of the 'net.

  60. what ever happened to the hype on this :(

    Noone talks about us anymore. Bring back the biff!

    <3 abo

  61. eh, love all the posts with my nick behind them good for you.

    'you now have something in common with your Ozzinet heroes: you've both been caught out pretending to be someone you're not.'

    Pretending to be who? Because i 'LIKED' the server, havent been on there in a few months..

    Would be good to get the more australians on mirc, i dont really care if he has intentions of using the server for other means.. Good for them..

    Austnet is dying off, with now the increase in spam, but mayb spam is good.. Will increase people to calling there freinds onto the server to make there channels bigger.

    Yes theres spelling mistakes in this post i hope you find them and point them out :)

    - The REAL Detrax
    (someone will probarbly use that sig aswell)

  62. IRC is for chatting and that is all, why bother being fags, who the fuck does dos's these days. boring? Get a real job.

  63. I can relate to that website though I do not condone its virulence. I abandoned Austnet due to the total lack of privacy because the main occupation of the Ops seemed to be spying on private conversations. Yes , We know it don't we X-Lead.

  64. What a horrid experience all of this was.