'live and kicking

Sorry to disappointed every one, but I am still not dead yet ;)

stuvac has well and truely commenced, and along with it the cramming and note making. Being a nice guy, here are my notes for elec1102.

Nothing much to report otherwise, all is quiet on the western front (a quote Collateral reminded to use again).

Oh, one last thing, if you ever have to deal with file names with spaces in them, and xargs doesn't treat them properly, as it delimits on \n and whitespace, you can use find -print0 and pipe into xargs -0 and that ought to fix it.

find ./ -name "*.java" -print0 | xargs -0 javac"
Will handle files like transactionLog(edited at uni).java *rolls eyes*

If you are american, remember to vote! I'll be watching....

Till next times, cheers and good faith,