501 years from now

A new star will be born in the sky. An incandescent flare of rainbow colors shall crown its descend from amongst the stars. Its birth shall herald not the second coming of Christ, but messages from the past.

Welcome home KEO.

KEO is a time capsule for all of humanity. It is designed to take a snap shot of where humanity stands now, our culture, our dreams, our knowledge. 501 years from now, roughly the time it took modern civilisation to evolve, it shall come back to Earth as its orbit decays, to provide our great-great-great-great-great-children a treasured and diverse glimpse back into a critical moment in humanity's history.

Every one is invited to store a message. Only then can KEO provide a complete picture of the state of humanity, across a range of incomes, background, religion, political alignment, tv-show fandom, geological location, the list goes on. When KEO is opened by our descendents, it will contain sufficient data for them to fully appreciate who we are: human beings trying to do what is right.

Regardless of who you are, I implore you to act now. Entry for messages closes soon, so don't miss out on this once in a life time opportunity. Who knows, one day your descendents might read your message :)

If you have no idea what to write, then write about your dreams and aspirations. For what reveals better who we are then what we strive to achieve? It defines our life, for it drives it.

Picture of the day

I finished all my exams today, so I am now FREE!!!!!!! I was going to make a post about it, but decided not to. In the course of finding a suitable link however, I came across this:

Get well soon emma! :*)