September 17, 2004

Rambling thoughts

Poor neglected blog...

On Wednesday was the parade for the Olympians. Pics will hopefully go up *nudges steve*.
NB: I am to blame for bad photography...

A sad thing I noted today, whilst comparing the front pages of The Australian and The Sydney Morning Herald. The only story the two papers had in common was about Sally Robbins getting slapped...just goes to show how objective our media are, eh? The only thing they can agree is front-page news is a story about someone getting bitch-slapped....and that it featured high-profile athletes only adds to the tragedy.

O tempora! O mores!

Other than that...SUSPECTS trip coming up (whoo! 3 day engineering piss-up - and it's educational!). Can't wait for the break...I need a holiday. And it also means I will get a chance to get Linux. :)

May Windows, along with arts degrees, be commended to the dustbin of history....
(Dr. Karl rocks :P)

Another thing I am looking forward to: October 9, the day we get to vote Johnny out. Make that another one for the dustbin...


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