September 22, 2004

Close your eyes... relax....

And fade into a world where everything happens at snails pace... WAKE UP!

No idea what that sentence had to do with anything, but today has been a slow day, and enjoyable day. A day when I could come home, and not do *any* uni work.

It was a beautiful day :)

Electromagnetism module in physics finished today, and we start quantum mechanics (lies to children style) tomorrow. Can't wait :)

Before I had off to bed and read Heart of Winter, I would like to bring to your attention a thedailywtf, a site where amazing working production code is displayed for the world to admire. *cough*

Oh, one thing before I leave, do you think a person should be able to legally own an idea?


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  1. Yes, but I think I'll clarify on this a bit more than I did in our discussion last night.

    When there is the possibility that the idea could generate a sizeable revenue for the 'patent' holder, there must be strict conditions for the patent to be awarded, such as a time frame in order to have the idea implemented. The time frame being assesed on a sliding scale.

    I don't particularly like the current patent/copyright system (patents are a form of copyright, when you boil down to it) in Australia, but as all things are, we have a snowballs chance in hell of changing things.