Order Matters With XCode's Build Phrases

I use a custom script to insert the current git commit into GeoNote, so when I get bug reports I have a better idea of which version the user is running. The script is as below:

import os
from Foundation import NSMutableDictionary

version = os.popen4("/sw/bin/git rev-parse --short HEAD")[1].read()
info = os.environ['INFOPLIST_FILE']
print info
plist = NSMutableDictionary.dictionaryWithContentsOfFile_(info)
print plist
plist['revision'] = version[:-1]
plist.writeToFile_atomically_(info, 1)

This was added as a Run Script Build Phrase. The problem I noticed was that the commit short hash inserted into Info.plist was always one commit behind. After some head scratching, I realised this was because by default the new build phrase is inserted last, and the order matters! It isn't actually possible to reorder build phrases by drag and dropping the children nodes around. You have to do a head-insert by dragging a child to the parent, which inserts it at the top.

Voila, problem solved.