Note Taking with Palm TX

I have a palm TX which is my indispensable companion. It handily beats my old ipaq4150 for reliability, battery life, utility and style. One thing which I have found to be difficult in using boths palms and pocketpcs, is note taking naturally by treating the stylus and pda as pen and paper.

I have tried diddlebug, the builtin note pad, and a variety of the other programs. None of which really worked well. Primarily these are limited by the lack of screen estate, which meant you either write in tiny script (hard on a pda), or quickly run out of horizontal space. Even with the new landscape mode of the TX there still wasn't enough horizontal space

Today I came up on pennovate notes. It allows you to treat your pda's screen as if it is a small window onto a large piece of paper. That is when you "write" towards the right past a certain point, and lift your stylus up, its intelliscroll feature kicks in and automagically scroll to the right for you, so you can keep writing! The result is a note taking style as close to real pen and paper as I have yet experienced. It is in a word, brilliant.

Best yet, they have a lite edition, which is perfect for a poor student like myself.