Writing CVs in Lyx under OS X with Fink TeX

Raison d'ĂȘtre

There is preciously little information on the WWW on how to write a CV using Lyx under OS X with a tex installation supplied by Fink. There is a outdated tutorial which failed to work, and thats about it. This document should hopefully shed some light on the matter, and will show you how to install the moderncv latex class and get LyX to recognise it so you can make a nice CV for yourself.

moderncv class

The moderncv class is availiable at CTAN.


Tex looks for classes etc in its path, which can be discovered using:kpsepath texYou will get a pretty long list of paths where tex looks for classes. Note in particular /$HOME/Library/texmf/tex///: this is a sensible place to put your own custom files in my opinion, to avoid polluting the entire local install (and to keep fink happy by not having files in places it doesn't expect). The // means all directories below
/$HOME/Library/texmf/tex/ will be searched too. So unpack the zip, or place the individual files under /$HOME/Library/texmf/tex/moderncv/. Once you are done, run texhash in /$HOME/Library/texmf/.

LyX reconfiguration

The last step is to ask Lyx to reconfigure itself so it will update its own list of avaliable classes: LyX->Reconfigure, then restart LyX as recommended. That should be it :-)


Have a look in the examples/ directory in the moderncv zip file to see how to use it.

Specifically, you need to insert some latex before \begin{document}, in Document->Settings->Latex Preamble, or it won't work. You need at a minimum \familyname{} and \firstname{}. For more read the examples. Further more, you also need to insert ERT of \maketitle to have a nice title. That should be it! :-)

Installing other classes

These same steps should apply to installing other classes you find on CTAN