IRC Spam

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wlrnkle < a u s T n e T > DISCUSTED of AUSTNET? Dislike an oper or 2? We know where they all live. Now you can too! Find out where ALL the opers live and beat some sence into them. http://www.austnetexposed.com <-- Its a list of ALL the opers contact details. also vist #infkted for more info
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I don't know who runs these bots/scripts, or who write them. Either way, they ought to put more effort in. My English is not as good as M's, but I shall do my best here:
  • a u s T n e T - Why on earth are the T capitalised and nothing else? Why not AustNet, or AUSTNet or just austnet? I guess they can't help but be "zoMg d0Dz i pWn J0o".
  • DISCUSTED - I am disgusted at their spelling.
  • sence - They should get some sense into their heads instead of wasting time on hate-mongering.
  • its - It's incorrect to use its when you mean it is/has. To the author(s) of that dismal script/bot, learn some basic English.
  • also - Also, you should capitalise the first letter of the first word of a sentence.
I hope to see a more polished spam message next time, with credit to me for pointing out the mistakes.