Creating KDE cursor theme packages

If you downloaded a KDE cursor theme but can't add it in KDE Control Centre, see if you can find the following in the package you downloaded:
  • index.theme - regular text file
  • cursors - folder containing cursor files
If these exists, you can attempt to create a KDE cursor theme package out of it such that KDE Control Centre will add it automatically:
  1. Create a folder properly named, ie. my_cursors
  2. Copy index.theme into the folder
  3. Copy cursors into the folder. Your folder layout now should be:
    • [folder]
      • index.theme
      • cursors
        • [cursors]
  4. Create a tar.gz archive out of the folder, either
    • using Konqueror: right click -> compress->.tar.gz
    • using command line: tar -zcvf folder.tar.gz folder/
  5. Go to KDE Control Centre -> Peripherals -> Mouse -> Cursor Theme -> Install New Theme and add it.
And you are done!