Canberra experience

I hit the town last weekend to celebrate M's sister's 18th. Being her 18th clubbing was a must. The night went well first, though the music was crap, queues were long (but pizza was good), toilets required hazmat suits and everywhere were usual collection of punks, bro, and what-nots trying to pickup. Before you know it though, it was time for me and M to leave, and as usual when we leave, things start to go wrong:
  1. I got an egg thrown at me by a gutless wench. We had stopped at a set of lights waiting to cross the street. The aforementioned wench was sitting in a run down car looking at me funny. I paid her no mind at first. Then when the lights turned green and her car took off, I felt a hard impact on my throat and then saw yellow/white splatter between my feet. Took me a second to realised what happened and appreciate my luck. I turned and yelled at her as she ran away laughing like a mad witch after a night of eating children and sleeping with newts.
  2. M's brother was punched by a gutless son-of-a-bitch from behind. Said SOB picked the fight, and while M's brother chose to stand his ground then walk away, Canberra is so boring the SOB decided to keep it up. Him and his friends were promptly kicked out by security, but then loitered outside waiting for M's brother to punish him further for getting in their friend's fist's way.
Both events are pathetic and contemptible. Its almost like these people want organised crime but are too stupid to well, get organised. I can't express how disappointed I am at night life at our capital city. It blows donkey balls. Really. It must be the only capital city in the world that blows so hard.

Must be all the politicians.

Speaking of politicians, the design of Canberra is a apt reflection of politicians and bureaucracy in general. Winding roads, round abouts.. sound familiar? That's bureaucracy. Going around in circles... Oh, you can't see much at any one point, there is always something in the way...

One other thing: power lines. Nearly all of it is underground. Like politics. All the power is underground, friends-of-friends, cloak-and-dagger. Seedy business.

Any ways, good night my not-so-royal-readers-and-random-pass-bys,