Joke of the day

After receiving his first ever paycheck, a young man went down to the club his dad worked at to meet him at the end of the day. They decided to have a few drinks before heading home for dinner.

One thing led to another and the father decided he'd like to have a go on the pokies. So there they were, playing away, not winning much, but enjoying themselves. It was getting pretty late and the son was wondering when they'd be going home...after all, they'd already missed dinner and his mother wouldn't be happy.

Towards the end of the night, they were playing on a machine that proclaimed "WIN A CRUISE" on the front - line up four cruise boats to win. The son pulled the lever and they watched breathlessy as the slots spun...one cruise ship, two, three...but the last one stopped just short!

"Phew, that's a relief!" said the father. Puzzled and disappointed that they hadn't won, the son turned to him. "What do you mean dad? We could have won a cruise!"
Dad replied, "Yeah, and how would we have explained that to your mother??"

By M