O Discordia

Its finally happening, the freedom of information (aka intellectual property) is restricted in this great country of ours (australia). Due to the FTA, copyright laws in Australia now lets some one other then the copyright holder to issue cease-and-decease orders to ISP in order to protect their "intellectual property".

Feck, and if that isn't bad enough, we are going to welcome the new year with the FTA coming into effect. Money over social morals once again.

In other news, if you ever have to deal with processing large number of files with Java, instead of using File.listFiles() iterating through the returned array, I strong recommend you implement FileFilter so that the processing is done with in, and use File.listFiles(FileFilter filter) instead. This gave significant speeds boosts to the post-processing tools used to produce the maps from the data set, also reduced the amount of required processing power.

Ocean's 12 by the by, is a good movie.